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White Staircase Bunk Bed Twin/Full Stair Stepper - $889

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white stair case bunk bed twin full

Color: White Finish
Mattress Size: Twin over full
Mattress Height: 8"
Material: Pine
Dimensions: 98.5 x 56.5 x 63"H

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While scrolling through the many bunk bed options in the marketplace you may have noticed some modern innovations. These bunk bed features include a bunk bed staircase, under the bed storage, built-in desk options, built in shelving units, a trundle bed or “pull out bed” and other space saving solutions perfect people looking for the most efficient loft bed designs.

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Student College Loft Bunk Bed

Bunk bed staircases are quickly replacing the standard bunk bed ladder. This feature allows for both children and parents to make it safely to the top bunk. This modern bunk bed feature reduces risk of injury and increases the stability of the overall structure.

Under the bed storage, built-in desk options and built in shelving units all help with space saving solutions and make a more functional bunk bed. The versatility not only increases floor space but also decreases the budget needed to furnish a room. Some models, less than $1,000 include two beds, shelving, a desk and ample storage. This one piece of furniture trumps outdated furniture with its versatility and overall cost effective practicality.

The trundle bed or pull out bed solves another problem faced by people trying to find space saving solutions; guest accommodations. The pull out bed provides easy overnight space for family and friends. This feature overrides the need to have a guest room and increases the efficiency of a room.

These loft bed solutions are the most practical option for those needing more space friendly and functional furniture. Not only are they safely designed, but features can be put together for a “custom bunk bed” fit for you individual needs. For example, bunk bed staircases can be added to the left or right side depending on the specifications of the room in question. For less than $1,000 you can meet all the furniture needs of a standard bedroom. Also, if you buy directly from a manufacturer, like factorybunkbeds.com you can avoid retail costs and save a lot of money. Facotorybunkbeds.com supplies to many retail furniture stores, you can get the same brands and quality for much less.

Modern bunk bed options are revolutionizing how people utilize space, we hope this article has helped you find your space saving solution.